Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big Sales Event Coming!

The Ambrosia Apple

We have widen our selection of apples once again and our latest offering is the Ambrosia.

Since the beginning of time, the ubiquitous apple has been the subject of fairy tales, myth and folklore.

Sustaining these legends in modern times is the colourful and romantic Ambrosia apple. The tale of a chance seedling that magically appeared and, against all odds, flourished into a beautiful apple tree, has captured the imaginations of all that have heard it.

The apple itself is mythical in its allure. A bi-coloured beauty, whose honeyed taste and perfumed aroma inspired its discoverers to name it "Ambrosia" or "food of the gods".

Big Sale Up Ahead

Over the years, Sooner Foods has become famous for holding our big in-store sales from time to time and guess what... we're planning another one.

The date of our big in-store sale will be November 1st and this special event will offer some of the lowest prices on quality items any of us have seen in years.  

We are working out all the final details now, and as soon as the i's are dotted and t's crossed we will send you advance notice of our event.  

It's going to be a barn burner!  

Special Deal On Hot Dogs

Best Choice Hot Dog Buns 2 packages for $1.00 all week long this ad week!

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