Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Major Savings Arrives

Taking Care Of Business

From time to time, a shopper or customer will come to us with a special request and it always thrills us when we can meet the request.

Such was the case with Tom Suggs of Ft. Worth, Texas.  It seems that Tom was on a determined mission to acquire barbecue flavored Frito's to ship to his son in law in Switzerland.  The problem however, barbecue flavored Frito's were not available in the Ft. Worth area.  That's when Tom contacted our Sulphur store.

Although barbecue Frito's is not an item we carry on our shelves, our scanning coordinator Melissa Green sprang into action and contacted the Frito's representative. 

The Frito's were acquired and this past Saturday Tom made the 2 hours drive from Ft. Worth to get his Frito's that he would ship to Switzerland.


Tom, we want to thank you for affording us the opportunity to help you in a special way.  We figure the chips are on their way to your son in law and please tell him we hope he enjoys every single chip.
Major Savings Is Here
Attention!  Forward march! 
That's right folks, get ready to march to food dollar savings!  Our new ad program along with added everyday savings arrives tomorrow.  You'll be able to notice the difference right away and we've made it easy for you with Major Savings signage throughout our stores.
We know this new program is going to save you food dollars throughout the year and we're proud to bring you this program.
You can see our first Major Savings ad through the link at the top right sidebar. 
Blue & Gold Sausage
Once again we want to remind our shoppers that we purchased a large shipment of Blue & Gold sausage from the local FFA chapter so we can offer this wonderful product on a longer term basis.
We are selling the sausage at the same price you could buy it from a FFA member and this is our way of supporting the FFA and bringing a quality product to our customers.

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  1. Barry I love the new ads. So much easier to navigate with one click! sybil oliver